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DS Speciality Services has served more than 10,000 cars since established in year 2003. Being the certified applicator of the solar film, this solar film specialist would provide the right recommendation for every individual car owner.


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  • I re-did my solar film after the "free" one that came with my Scirocco failed the 3 year inspection. Having used 3M crystalline before, I am confident of the qualities and called Danny for a quote and to arrange for a appt. Surprisingly, the price has not changed much since 4 years ago when I went to him at Bedok for my previous car.

    Danny is a dedicated and meticulous person who supervise his workers tightly. whenever he notice some inperfection in my car, he would show me and ask me for decision. He said he had bad experiences with past customers who complained after installtions. I gave him full liberty and he did a perfect job for me. to date, after 3 months, no bubbles, no scratches, no blurness when looking through the film.

    I am really impressed with his level of service and the quality of 3M films. I opted for the best grade and have been enjoying the benefits since then. it looks dark from outside but from inside the car, it is very clear, amazing. If price is not a concern, go to Danny for 3M solar film!

  • Went down last sat on my little A1 to have the solar film installed. Its been almost a week now. i felt pretty gd about it . In fact , I'm very please with quality of the solar film, and the excellent customer service and the workmanship.

  • Get to know that DS Specialty offers window film services when surfing this website. Called up DS Specialty about 1.5 weeks ago as I wish to find out more about their window film services. As I would require 4 slides doors and few window panels to be done up, it is kinda tough for Danny (person in charge of DS Specialty) to give me a rough estimated quote. Arrange a no obligation appointment for him to come over to take measurement. As per mentioned by other members, Danny is a friendly man who provide me good service. He patiently recommended me few types of films and their respectively pros and cons of each of them. Select one of the recommended package that fulfils my needs and the price is right. Arrange the installation schedule and everything is going on right. Able to feel that the heat penetrating via the glass door and window and been reduced greatly. Overall a wonderful experience with DS Specialty. Excellent customer service coupled with quality brand of window film that they carry. Special thanks to Danny and his team.

  • Called DS Specialty to check the price of 3m solar film for my camry. Danny, the person who answered my call is very patient and explained to the different types of films and their respective specification. Arrange an appt on Monday and proceed with the installation. Upon arrival, proceed with the detailed explanation to me on the whole process from selection of films, removal of existing films and installation of new films. This allow me to have a better understanding of what is going to be done to my car. Good service! Few days and no bubbles or similar is spotted. Good workmanship. Able to feel differences with these new 3M solar film as compared to previous "basic" film that comes with the car.

  • So many neutral newbie feeback, let me add some weight. I have used DS a while back for my house. The boss is patient and very customer oriented. I find their work very good too. It has been 2 years and I have no issues of bubbling etc. I have moved recently and will definitely use them again for the house and 2nd car. A repeat customer means they are doing something right especially in this kind of competitive market. 5 stars from me!